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Three Bullet Dave

Posted by Miranda on January 29, 2007

Dave Warlick spoke at an NSBA Leadership Conference and afterward was asked to summarize his message, which he did as follows

  • The nature of information has changed and so too must our definition of literacy change.
  • The market place has changed and so too must how and what we teach our children.
  • Our children have changed and we need to pay attention, respect them, and capitalize on the learning skills they are walking into our classrooms with.

I do agree on all three points, much as I don’t really want to admit it sometimes, but I don’t think teachers necessarily have to change their teaching style if they have good things to say.

Our children have changed. My sixteen year old has literacies that I never would have dreamed of at his age. He isn’t a MySpace user but he regularly discusses things important to him with fellow enthusiasts from around the world on user forums. He knows how to construct and publish a website, make a movie with soundtrack, credits and all that. E-mail is second nature to him. He buys and sells on eBay for pocket money, shipping items all over the US. (He won’t ship overseas anymore after one disaster where he listed an item as shipping included and ended up paying more for shipping than he made on the item). He takes his homework to school on a flash drive.

But with all that, the class he finds most exciting is history and his history teacher does not use technology in his classroom to any great extent, in fact not at all that I can see.

He lectures. And my son thinks his lectures are exciting, and does some of his best writing in response. Go figure.


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