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Import/Export = more Options, more control

Posted by Miranda on February 25, 2007

I wanted to see how exporting posts from this blog to another blog would go so I exported to my test blog on my own server. The posts exported fine but not the pages or blogroll. I downloaded this theme, Blix and installed that.

But here’s the really interesting thing to me, and one that may well be interesting to teachers thinking about using a WordPress blog in a classroom setting.

If you login to a WordPress blog hosted here on the WordPress host, you only have the option to add users who already have a blog here. If you host it yourself (or get your school sysadmin to host it) you can just add as many users as you want and assign them roles: Author, Editor, Contributor and so forth.

So if you were a teacher who wanted a blog for a class, you’d have a lot more control over that aspect if you got the school to intall the blog on one of their servers.  I was thinking about this as last week the PhotoShop/Digital Photography teacher had asked me about a blog for his class, he wanted students to be able to upload pictures to a blog and then be able to comment on the pictures. I thought it was a really good idea.

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