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Remember the Milk

Posted by Miranda on March 2, 2007

I’ve been using Remember the Milk for about a week now and I like it quite a bit. Remember the Milk is an online To Do list. Now you you might think (as I did) that an online list makes little sense as you can’t carry it with you in your pocket. However, my lists always get lost. Or I leave them at work when I need them at home or vice-versa.
I probably wouldn’t be using Remember the Milk if it weren’t for the Netvibes and Google widgets. If I had to actually go to the site it wouldn’t really be very convenient for me. But with the modules, everytime I go to my Netvibes page, there it is. (Tasks won’t appear in the modules if they don’t have a due date though)
If I use Google for a search, because I have a personalized Google page, there it is again and it’s easy to add a task as I think of it. It syncs with Google calendar, iCal, even Outlook with some tweaking. It comes with some basic lists: Work, Personal etc but you can add your own. I particularly like the Smart Lists, so that for instance if I have a “Calls-Work” and a “Calls-Personal”, I can do a search for everything with Calls, save it as Smart List and have a list of all the phone calls I have to make. That helps me because I hate making phone calls and it gives me a push if I can check them off and see them go away. It has helped my productivity at work, I know that. I often think of things I need to do while I’m at home, I throw those things into Remember the Milk and next day at work there they are.
About the only thing Remember the Milk isn’t good for is remembering the milk. It’s easier just to keep a Post-it on the dashboard for that.


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