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The Uber Prawn

Posted by Miranda on March 4, 2007

This afternoon when I got back from our yearly Town Meeting my son met me at the door. “Come in my room, Mom” he said, leading me into his bedroom. “Meet Uber Prawn!” and he motioned me over to the desk. He had taken the guts out of an old Mac Classic some time previously and now had disassembled an old HP Brio, reassembled it inside the Mac Classic case, and installed Windows 2000 to it to use as a file server. The desktop sported a lovely chinese painting of a shrimp, hence Uber Prawn.
I had to help him with getting the wireless card working and getting it networked with his Powerbook but he now has a Mac/Prawn file server that is a true thing of beauty.
It still needs refinement, he wants to paint the case and install some LED lights and heaven knows what else, but here’s the thing. He wanted to start a blog to document the project. And what could be easier?


3 Responses to “The Uber Prawn”

  1. Ben said

    I would love to read a blog about the project. I mean, gutting a Mac to replace it’s innards with PC parts (no matter how old and non-functional the Mac is) is sacrilege to many (not myself personally). I’m curious just to see how he crammed everything in, and to know how well it’s running.

  2. Miranda said

    Well he did have to put the power supply out the back.I’ll post the blog URL as soon as he’s got it together, it pleased him no end that you were interested.
    Next project I’m rooting for is a DVD duplicator in a chrome toaster, I think that would be pretty slick.

  3. Ben said


    Stick blank DVDs in the slots, and in 2 minutes out pops a toasty warm treat…er, burned disc :)

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