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Pimp my Camino

Posted by Miranda on March 6, 2007

I thought I’d just put in a word for Camino, a mac browser of which I’m extremely fond. I only wish they made a Windows version so that I could use it at work.
The thing I like best about Camino, is that you can set it
(Preferences > Web Features > Annoyance Blocking and Content Blocking)
to block advertising and best, oh best of all to Play Animated Images Only Once. Really for a time I would hardly dare to go check my Yahoo mail as they had this incredibly annoying animated popcorn ad at the top. Well no more. And all those jumping and clapping smilies on certain forums? Ha! Gone.
I hate web animations I really do.
The other thing about Camino is that it is fast, wicked fast.
My son, the customizer, has customized my installation with special icons and appearance which he got at PimpMyCamino, a nice minimalist theme called Oxid. He installed a plug-in called UnifyCamino first.
You can also get a lot of other useful things at PimpMyCamino like PortableCamino which allows you to run the browser complete with all your bookmarks and preferences from a flash drive. Very nice idea.
Very nice browser.


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