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Posted by Miranda on March 7, 2007

Quizlet is a pretty interesting thing. The first interesting thing about it is that it was programmed by a 15 year old (now 17) Andrew Sutherland. Now I’m not saying that 15 year olds can’t do most anything people over, oh say 30 can do atall, atall but it’s unusual to find a site that’s as professional, fun and such a good idea put together by an adolescent. That’s all I’m saying.
Quizlet is a site where you can put together sets of flashcards for things you have to memorize, like vocabulary words (I put together a quick set of networking acromyms and their definitions to try it out). You can then use the set of online flashcards, make a test, multiple choice or written. You can share your flashcards with a group (say a class) or with everyone.
After testing it’ll show you a list of the words you missed the most. You can search by tag for sets other people have made. A search for the tag: computers turns up several flashcard sets . If you like the set you can save it to your favorites.
I can see this being really useful for a classwide study tool that everyone could contribute to.
Besides it’s fun. Check it out!


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