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Break Time

Posted by Miranda on March 25, 2007

The kids at the school where I work have been on break for the last two weeks, they will return this coming Thursday. Now you might think that this makes for a nice quiet three weeks but in the IT department the opposite is true.

Quiet, yes, in the sense of not noisy but anything but quiet in the sense of there’s a lot to do before they get back and clutter up the place again.
For one, there’s been the DST thing, the new Daylight Savings Time. Ordinarily all updates to our Windows systems would be pushed out through our SUS server. They were not. SUS isn’t supported anymore and we are behind on updating to WSUS. I’ve wanted to go there for a while but it’s one of those things you never seem to get around to. Plus, that isn’t really my bailiwick, and I haven’t wanted to intrude on someone else’s territory. Guess I will though. Meanwhile, all the administration machines had to be updated manually.
Then we re-imaged all the lab machines. That went well except making the image was time-consuming. We are experimenting with using Acronis TruImage, I like it very well.

We had a wireless survey done of one of the dorms. That was very interesting. This dorm is one of the oldest and largest and has always been a problem child in terms of wireless coverage. The construction contains a lot of wire mesh. The software used, AirMagnet was very sophisticated and both my coworker and I lusted after it. We have been using a free tool, Netstumbler, really we need something better.
I haven’t seen the report yet but I think we will find that we need to move several access points at least. We’d like to replace the present APs, Proxim, with Cisco. We also found a Linksys wireless router in a faculty apartment which certainly was not helping matters. I removed it and wrote him a pretty snippy note.

And then of course there are all the niggling little things that have been on the to-do list forever and don’t get done when school is in session because there is never time or peace to think about them.

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