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Restructure whut??

Posted by Miranda on March 27, 2007

David Warlick… Please, please, please, check your spelling, and not with spell-check either.
You Just Got the Nod! Restructure You School Library

Ok, I admit I’m a bit obsessed, I admit I go through my local paper with a red pencil, but jaysus man! I like your blog, I like what you have to say a lot of the time but I see more spelling errors in your blog…..


2 Responses to “Restructure whut??”

  1. Thanks! It fixed! ;-)

    I do, sincerely, appreciate your pointing this out.

    — dave —

  2. Miranda said

    Yikes, I’m embarrassed now. I’m glad you took it with such good humor Dave.

    um. It’s rein, not reign.

    I just can’t help myself! (slaps own mouth, exits stage left – muttering)

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