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Posted by Miranda on April 12, 2007

I have been getting the final project together for the course I am taking at the Marlboro College Graduate Center: MAT604 Designing Educational Web-Based Materials II and one of the elements is a screencast.
I used Camtasia to make it and I have to say: I love this tool! I spent so long working with it last Sunday that I think I injured my eyes.
You can download a 30 day demo, which I did, but after seeing my screencast Monday my boss agrees with me that it’s a must-have. I had to cut out bits of the recorded narrative where I messed up and re-record those parts and by the time it was done things were a bit uneven so I exported the entire audio portion as an mp3, imported it into Audacity to work on it and then reimported.

I think it came out pretty well for a first effort. I rendered it as Flash but it’s still up around 19 MB – Dial-up users beware!
It’s a tutorial on the Microsoft System Configuration Utility – MSCONFIG
First I tried putting it on SplashCast but I didn’t like their player:

[splashcast FQMY2767CC]

I uploaded it to YouTube but the encoding process there seems to result in pretty poor quality, however the play begins before it’s fully downloaded, which is an advantage:

And really I like it best as Camtasia does it:
View embedded in HTML

Wink is a good free tool for this sort of thing but you don’t get the choice of file formats that you get with Camtasia and I didn’t see much of a way to edit the audio in my brief exploration with it.

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