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hearing Will

Posted by Miranda on July 25, 2007

At the Whipple Hill user conference here in Manchester NH l had the pleasure of hearing Will Richardson give the opening remarks on the second day of the conference this morning.
Say what you will about Mr. Richardson and believe me I’ve probably said it all myself over the past year or so of reading his blog, he is an inspiring speaker.
Yeah, the guy is obsessed. But he is a visionary, and they always are I think.
What was interesting to me were the remarks heard afterward. “I need to learn…” Fill in the blank. l need to learn, not” I need to teach…”


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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Miranda. But I can’t resist…what HAVE you been saying for the past year??? ;0)



  2. Miranda said

    Oh, well I’ve been saying it to myself. I’ve said that you’re obsessed, that you’re over the top. That you don’t have any idea what it’s like to live in a rural area where there’s no broadband connection and not likely to be any, that a lot of these things are just plain unavailable then. That you see all these new technologies as wonderful and good for kids and that they have downsides too, like keeping kids inside when I think they ought to be out building tree forts.

    I heard you give the keynote address last year at the EDAccess conference and I think you said something like “if you don’t learn these new technologies, you risk becoming irrelevant as teachers”. many in the audience were highly insulted and I thought then: “The man’ll get further if he doesn’t alienate his audience.”

    I think when I heard you speak this time you didn’t do that. My co-workers who were there thought you were inspirational.

    I agree.

    You know I just this evening stopped by to see a friend who is one of the most technologically un-adept people I know. She had asked me to make her a website with information about some workshops she is organizing.

    So I said: ‘But Lisa, you can do that yourself!”and I helped her set up a blog. I said if she had any trouble to give me a call. Well she hasn’t had trouble with anything except uploading a picture to it and I walked her through that tonight. To me that is a truly wonderful thing.

    It isn’t only kids who can, and need to, learn.

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