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A wiki? What fun!

Posted by Miranda on August 2, 2007

One of the French teachers found me at lunch today. He wants to incorporate a wiki into his french classes. He’ll use the Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum in Boston and Saint-Gaudens, right down the road here in Cornish as subjects in his class. Students will study the art and history of the museums, and put all their research as well as pictures, video etc into a collaborative wiki. All in French of course.

So I’m looking for a wiki that I can install locally that will allow all these things. Any ideas?

Another reason why this job is the most fun I’ve ever had….

2 Responses to “A wiki? What fun!”

  1. ET said is a decent place to start.

  2. Miranda said

    I’ve looked at pbwiki but really what we want is a wiki we can install to a local (on campus) server.

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