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Arthus is my teacher

Posted by Miranda on December 20, 2007

There is a blog I dip into now and then, it’s written by a kid over in Hinesville Hinesburg, Vermont. His name is Arthus.
I read a post of his the other day: Global Villages. Now I have never really understood the whole social networking site thing. I have a Facebook page, mostly because I wanted to see what all the hullaballoo was about but I rarely use it. It never seemed like a very efficient way of communicating for one thing, and since my Facebook network is the school where I work, why communicate through that? I am old enough to prefer face to face or as Arthus puts it “analog”.
But this post, global villages, was able to explain to me in a way I fully understood what Will Richardson, Dave Warlick, Vicki Davis or any number of other education bloggers, have never ever been able to convey: just how it is that one’s online learning network works, why it works and how important it is.

Arthus is my teacher.

Accordingly, I have rearranged my blogroll, I used to have a category: teacher blogs and another category: young person blogs and that is clearly not correct because this young person is a teacher and so are his friends.
(I wish there was some other expression besides blogroll though, it always makes me think of The Blob.)

Arthus and his global learning network have launched Students 2.0 and I hope all adult edubloggers start paying attention because these kids have stuff to teach us.
The student 2.0 launch video is on YouTube and it’s excellent and another fabulous tool to teach me what a global learning network looks like and can do.
Plus the original soundtrack is excellent.

No, I’m not going to embed the video, I’m on dial-up for heaven’s sake! Use the link.


4 Responses to “Arthus is my teacher”

  1. arthus said

    I’m glad to hear I have made some difference—taught someone, if you will. From your location, I imagine you would be able to get the small town metaphor and run with it.

    You make an interesting point about how students (young people) can also be teachers—yet it is not necessarily true. Perhaps a Venn diagram would be appropriate (teachers & students bubbles, with some overlap)

    I too dislike the term blogroll. Perhaps “influencers” would be more appropriate—that’s what most of the people I read are. Though I may not agree or follow them verbatim, their writing undeniably influences me.

    Thanks for the feature!

  2. Miranda said

    I actually live in Thetford, VT, Arthus, which is smaller even than Hinesville. So yes the small town metaphor was one that resonated.

    Of course young people aren’t necessarily teachers. I think what is important is that the sort of communication which is possible now is blurring the distinctions considerably.

  3. arthus said

    It’s nice to hear that another Vermonter reads my blog and can understand the whole small town feel.

    I’ve been through Thetford quite a view times – a nice little town.

    (Actually, I live in Hinesburg, not Hinesvulle)

  4. Miranda said

    Hinesburg – got it , sorry!

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