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I want to be legal but I can’t afford it

Posted by Miranda on January 4, 2008

The Center for Social Media has come out with a report that claims that the zeal of copyright holders to protect their content is threatening the concept of user generated content. I was reading about this yesterday, and it came up again this morning here.

The study, which examined thousands of online videos across 75 sites, offers general guidelines for what constitutes “fair use” of copyrighted material: parody, negative and positive commentary, discussion-triggers, illustration, diaries, archiving, and pastiche or collage (remixes and mashups). The study’s authors, American University professors Pat Aufderheide and Peter Jaszi, take care to say that merely claiming one of theses categories does not automatically indemnify users. The animating principle behind these practices is whether or not the material taken is somehow “transformative,” the authors say, meaning that the work must add some new value to what they take and use it for a purpose different from the original work.

Larry Lessig, a professor at Stanford Law has a wonderful video presentation on the issue:
How Creativity is Being Strangled by the Law

I think what’s important to me about this is that fair use should, I believe, include provisions for using content whether it be music, video or still images and making something new with it. But I do think that simply using it as is, taking a song and using it as a soundtrack for instance falls into a different category.


Because I had a great idea for a video about shoes (the school where I work, as it is somewhat pricey, has a student body with some of the greatest shoes ever, I mean they are to die for) anyway I had a great idea for a video about shoes and I contacted Ricall Music Licensing about getting a sync license for Paolo Nutini’s New Shoes to use as a soundtrack for it, it’d be perfect.
I got a quote of $5000. Five thousand dollars!

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