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making student videos interesting

Posted by Miranda on January 13, 2008

I’ve just been reading a very interesting discussion over at Students 2.0 which begins with a post by Anthony Chivetta: Teaching the Process of Design (or, making student videos interesting).
I think anyone interested in incorporating video into the educational process would find it illuminating.
I did. But it is now time to get off this computer and haul some wood, I’ve got a cord sitting out in the driveway and I need to get it under cover and up on the porch.

3 Responses to “making student videos interesting”

  1. Mathew said

    It’s an interesting conversation. I’ve tried to approach it from a flmmaking angle here:

  2. Miranda said

    Oh that’s very good, Mathew! Your examples with the shots in City Mouse, Country Mouse really help to illustrate film making principles without getting technical. Just what a lot of people need. I’ll save that. (and yes I’m putting off my wood-hauling)

  3. Mathew said

    Thanks for visiting. I hope to post more like it so check again soon and come back for the digital storytelling carnival, Wednesday.

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