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enough is enough

Posted by Miranda on January 20, 2008

That’s it. I am removing CoolCatTeacher from my blogroll. I just can’t spend the time to download her blog over my dial-up connection. The new format is just way too time-consuming no matter what she has to say.

3 Responses to “enough is enough”

  1. mrsdurff said

    Coolcatteacher is a very intelligent lady and she has much to share. Perhaps you should invest in cable.

  2. Miranda said

    Vicki is indeed a very intelligent lady and she does have much to share.

    I would invest in cable if cable companies were interested in serving our town. They are not, we do not represent enough money to them.
    I would invest in satellite if I lived in an area that had a view of a satellite. I do not.
    I would invest in wireless if I lived in an area that was served by wireless. I do not.

    I would invest in any kind of broadband access if it were available to me. It is not.

    Internet providers do not serve rural areas like mine because we do not make money for them.

    Perhaps a bit of research instead of snotty remarks? Perhaps a bit of thought to areas that are left behind because people like yourself who are lucky enough to have broadband forget anyone who does not?

  3. Miranda said

    Kindly read Doing for Ourselves and then come back and tell me how I should “invest” in cable.
    Verizon is trying to pull out of Vermont entirely because they can’t make money here. At a town meeting with Verizon officials several years ago they told us in no uncertain terms that it would be a cold day in hell before they invested the cash to bring DSL to just a small percentage of our households, let alone all of them.

    Bloggers who use tons of graphics, video, links and widgets are cutting their information off from those of us who do not have access to broadband.

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