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Power Up The Game

Posted by Miranda on February 28, 2008

From Technology News Daily comes Power Up The Game
a new multiplayer (or solo) game.

The game is part of IBM’s TryScience initiative and will be launched at Engineer’s Week 2008 opening on February 16 in Washington, D.C. The game, which can be played alone or together, features a planet in near ecological ruin where three exciting missions for solar, wind and water power must be solved before sandstorms, floods or SmogGobs thwart the rescue.

I’ve talked about KUA’s use of Civilization III in history classes before (see this video). Perhaps this might be good on the science side. I do see that:

Nearly 200 teens in the Connecticut Innovation Academy served as advisors to IBM researchers during the game development.

a hopeful note. I’ll download it and let my gaming consultant (Chris, age 17) give me a review.

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