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Humanizing Technology

Posted by Miranda on February 26, 2009

Carolyn Foote, over at her blog Not So Distant Futuresays:

So much of this boils down to telling your story–the IT department needs to tell its story–the positives, the challenges, at every opportunity so that teachers know it is a partnership and that the IT department is working hard to solve problems. The teachers need to tell their story back to the IT department–both the good and the bad (too often do we just tell the bad? How often do we tell the IT department what worked well?)

How about an internal newsletter from the IT department? How about a sit and chat session now and then? How about the IT department members being invited into classrooms and labs to see what is going on in them so they can better support things? The more transparent the process on either side, the better.

The bold is my emphasis. Oh yeah! I need to move the department in this direction.

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