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Google Privacy Blunder Shares Your Docs Without Permission

Posted by Miranda on March 7, 2009

Google Privacy Blunder Shares Your Docs Without Permission.

and this is another reason why I feel iffy about moving to Google for our school email, aside from the hit to our bandwidth sending everyone outside for their email. GMail is quite bandwidth intensive, if the response over my dial-up home connection is any indication (totally frustratingly impossible).

Regardless of what a site’s posted rules and policies are, a technical glitch is all it takes to expose your sensitive data.


3 Responses to “Google Privacy Blunder Shares Your Docs Without Permission”

  1. Jen said

    Seems like Google is having a lot of these issues lately. Maybe Microsoft isn’t so bad after all.

  2. My biggest piece of advice when considering Google Apps for your university is to get past the Google hype about how easy it is. More importantly, make sure that the top decision makers at your institution are not drinking the Google kool-aid. I was the lead developer on University of Southern California’s deployment of Google Apps, and I can tell that it turned out to be more work than a lot of people were expecting. That’s not to say it may not still be the right decision, just make sure that you are well informed as to what to expect. The amount of work to rollout something like that depends greatly on your existing identity management infrastructure, and how policy-driven your campus is. If you all are seriously looking at doing Google Apps, I’d recommend looking at the post-mortem presentations from Brendan Bellina, USC’s identity architect and my former manager:

  3. Miranda said

    Thank you, Will. I never believe anything’s going to be as easy as anyone says it is.
    My biggest concern after loss of local control (oooh, hate that!) is bandwidth. As we are in a small town in the boonies our options for connectivity are very limited. We have to manage what bandwidth is available to us very carefully. It isn’t like in the city where you can just buy more.

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