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mud season

Posted by Miranda on March 9, 2009

Mud season has arrived overnight – or over day is more like it. We went down the valley to see a matinee on Sunday and by the time we got back home the ruts in my dirt road were axel deep.
My friend and I went out for dinner in my Forester with the high undercarriage and by the time we got back from that it was obvious that his little Subaru wagon wasn’t going to make it out through the morass that was my road. He spent the night on the couch. Below freezing temps overnight firmed the mud up enough that he was able to power out in the early morning.
Mud season is our fifth season here in New England. Fewer and fewer experience it, as the roads get paved. But if you live on a dirt road when the frost comes out of the ground you learn the driving technique rather quickly:
Don’t slow down!


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