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iPod Touch E-Books

Posted by Miranda on March 4, 2009

Amazon to Sell E-Books to Read on the iPhone and iPod Touch –

Having recently bought an iPod Touch for myself I was pretty interested to read this. I am holding off judgement until I try it but the screen on an iPod isn’t terribly big. It’s fine for checking the quick email – I love it for that – but reading on it?
However I think that if you had a few minutes stuck in a doctors waiting room or something…

More on this from CrunchGear Kindle for iPhone walkthrough

A few hours later and I take back everything I said in the scoffing vein. Completely. This is so totally awesome (as they say).
You have to register your device and then you can just download your book – I tried a sample of Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind. The display does not seem to rotate, but you can bookmark, change font size. Touch in the lower corner of the display and the controls appear. A slider lets you navigate or you can hit the back arrow to get back to your starting point. Flip pages by simply flicking your finger…. Oh, man, this is fabulous!

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