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Putting Hartford, VT on the map

Posted by Miranda on June 9, 2009

I read with great interest an article in the local paper, the Valley News today Creating Hartford on the Web about a course at a local high school

Designed and co-taught by social studies teachers Mike Hathorn and Woody Rothe, the course marries the Internet and cutting-edge online mapping technology with more traditional research and communication skills.

View the result at Creating A History of Hartford
This is very very impressive! Imagine how these students feel having their imagery and research integrated into Google Earth. This is the kind of result schools can get when they are not afraid of letting students engage with the world audience available.

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Posted by Miranda on January 8, 2008

I spent some time playing with QuikMaps this morning. This is a mashup using Google maps that lets you add markers and text and so forth, like Wayfaring Wayfarer did (or does, I haven’t been back to Wayfarer in forever). QuikMaps, though, lets you draw on the map. I had been looking for something that might allow tracking a route, for instance Peter’s bike route across country. With this he could embed a US map in his site and have a line tracing the route that he could update on stops. Seems to me other uses for this sort of map notation could be found. A pretty cool tool.
Unfortunately it uses an iframe tag which WordPress won’t deal with so I can’t embed a map here.
But this looks like it has possibilities -check it out!

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