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Posted by Miranda on November 15, 2009

I’ve been getting into Tiddlywikis lately. I remember seeing one in use a couple of years ago but it’s only lately that I’ve been using them myself. It took me a little while to get the hang of the structure (and I’m still not sure about a lot of things) but I’m finding them very useful.

I’m keeping one with notes of what I need to do with KUAPress, things like- “Upgrade PHP over the break” and notes like – “How can we get students more involved? Is faculty use of the Press the kiss of death?” as well as links to support documents and time spent on things – you name it, it’s in there.

Then I have another that contains household hints (we define that loosely). I am compiling this for my son for a graduation present.
This tiddlywiki contains hints like how to easily clean saucepans that have had food burn in them (Put in a dollop of baking soda, cover with cold water, boil until its all foaming up everywhere and then let it cool. The scorched stuff will just flake right off) or how to cook a chicken or how to keep peeled potatoes from turning brown all organized into three sections: Cooking, Cleaning, Finance. I’ll probably add another section called Love.

A tiddlywiki is a personal wiki , one html document, that lives locally on your hard drive or, in the case of Chris’ Household Hints, on the USB drive on my keychain. It is billed as a “personal, non-linear web notebook” and that’s what it is. They are great for keeping track of small pieces of information. Here are a couple in action

An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything
A Guide to Bolivian Politics
music and culture site (Portuguese)

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