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“Wikipedia is evil”

Posted by Miranda on July 28, 2007

I was in the science lab this morning with a rep for a company which makes projectors. He was demo-ing a projector we’re thinking of installing there.

One of the science teachers was there too with a bunch of younger kids. The school is having a two week technology camp. The kids were researching something-or-other and one had gone to Wikipedia.
The science teacher rebuked him. “I don’t want any information cited from Wikipedia” he said.

I asked him about that. Why not Wikipedia? I asked.
” I don’t accept anything from Wikipedia in my classes” he said. “Wikipedia is evil!”

Wow. I asked him why. “Because anybody can edit it!” he said.
Oh. So I asked why he thought that would make things in it inherently inaccurate. Why not teach your kids how to edit Wikipedia and correct inaccuracies, I asked.
“Because they’re not experts!” he said.

And that was that. This is one of the younger teachers, one of the most forward looking in the school, one of the teachers most enthusiastic about technology and one of the teachers who really uses technology to very good effect.

I’m not sure what my point is here, to tell the truth, but I do know that it took me aback some. Evil is a pretty strong word.

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